I did the 12-week body transformation to lose some fat and gain some fitness.  When I started I had weakness and degeneration in my knees and couldnít do much weight bearing exercise.  After consulting my medical team, Tova has designed programs for me that have strengthened my legs to the point where I am now running and doing weights with the best of them!  Tova coached me online through the best food choices and kept me going through some pretty major life changes!  I am now feeling so much fitter and stronger, and I feel so much more confident about my body!

- AP of Blacktown



Iíve been working with Tova from Hawkesbury Fitness for 7 months because Iíd had enough of waking up tired and with stiff joints. Tova trains me once a week and set me some exercises to do during the week and despite the fact that she makes me work hard, I love it. Tova has a talent for pushing you to your limits while working with any injuries to achieve maximum results. The changes she has helped me make in my level of fitness and physical shape are fantastic. I have never felt fitter or stronger and I get lots of comments on how good Iím looking (always a bonus). The results have been so noticeable that several of my friends now join me in my training sessions with Tova. The sessions, while always challenging, are never boring. Tova always manages to provide variety and intensity to each workout. Tova always manages to provide an excellent program for everyone in our little group workouts, despite the varying levels of fitness and ability. No-one can slack off or feel pushed beyond their limit, we all get a great workout!

-FC of Penrith




My partner started working with Tova from Hawkesbury Fitness last year and was achieving some amazing results so I decided to give it a try. I have a shoulder injury from playing Aussie Rules but Tova has managed to help me achieve a greater level of strength and fitness.   The workouts always vary and are never boring or beyond my ability, although they are sometimes very hard.




My Bowen Therapist recommended Tova to me as I had severe sciatica.  I was in a lot of pain with arthritis in my back and couldnít move much.  From the first session with Tova I felt more mobile and after two weeks I was completely without pain.  I now feel much stronger and am aware of how I am moving and how uneven my body was before.  I love being able to keep up with the grandkids more easily.

- RS of Riverstone



Working with Tova Gallagher is one of the best things I have ever done for my health! Over the years I suffered a series of injuries and that left me with limited mobility.

I began to work with Tova to improve my general fitness and strength in the hope I would to re-gain my mobility.

Following Tovaís initial assessment of my state of health, she developed an exercise plan and worked with me so that I am now fitter and have more flexibility than I have had for many years. My core strength is improving and the aches and pains I was suffering from have eased and my posture is improving.

As a dancer addressing these issues has been very important to me.

Tova is incredibly knowledgeable about health and fitness and is a great motivator. I recommend working with her if you are ready to achieve your fitness goals.


-DB of McGraths Hill



Feedback from 6 week Fat Loss course

Run by Hawkesbury Fitness at McGlashanís Gym, North Richmond

  • Eye opening
  • I understand more now about what to look for when I buy foods and to really drill down and think of what Iím putting into my body
  • I really enjoyed being shown some exercise routines which I can take back and do at home
  • Thank you Tova, if I donít reach my goal I will call!
  • Youíre fantastic Tova!
  • I have learned a great deal of doís and doníts, mostly doníts. I would be keen to continue however money is an issue at the moment
  • I think there are a great many benefits from the 6 weeks I have been joining you in the sessions. I now drive past a take away shop instead of taking the easy option. I know there are many people who will benefit from your personal training.
  • I found the nutritional piece of the course very interesting and informative
  • I liked the taste of different exercises so as to determine what is beneficial
  • Loved the 9 min workout- huge eye opener. Time was a big excuse!
  • Good starter to set up good eating habits and exercising/ movement
  • Definitely starts to think about personal training and gym sessions
  • The course has taught me about interval training and the words intensity and consistency.
  • Also learnt more about the importance of good healthy eating
  • Have enjoyed learning about the benefits of diet and exercise
  • Good to have an understanding of what part diet and exercise play in making us healthier
  • Would like to learn more as it does motivate me to try harder
  • I found the course very beneficial
  • If I lived closer to North Richmond I would train with Tova. She definitely knows what she is talking about and could really help people achieve their goals.
  • I already have a PT and came on this course with a friend, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and would definitely recommend it to others- thanks Tova.
  • The course has been very informative and helpful
  • I would pay for it but would like printed material, sometimes there is a lot to take in. incorporate some meal plans?
  • The exercise component has been great! Easy to take away and implement. The nutrition side as I mentioned above is a bit more detailed and harder to take in especially the technical aspects like all the protein molecules etc.
  • I have really enjoyed this course! Thank you J
  • Great place to ask questions
  • Helped me to focus
  • Good information
  • Exercise time was very helpful- good to do it and not just talk about it
  • Ongoing- monthly
  • How are we going, time to re-evaluate and re-focus
  • Would recommend to friends for understanding and motivation
  • Has helped me understand fat loss, especially the interval training
  • I realise I need more of the interval training and weights so need to come to other classes with these in mind as well as personal training at intervals as I can afford it
  • I would recommend to friends
  • Informative, constructive, especially working on various solutions to make exercise inclusive in everyday activities.
  • Nutritional information highly informative
  • Highly motivational
  • Informative
  • Interesting
  • Learnt a lot of different approaches to weight loss and general health
  • Good team building experience
  • Wide variety of topics covered
  • Different approaches to training your body and mind
  • Excellent overall course, thank you!



My Bowen Therapist recommended Tova to me as I had severe sciatica.  I was in a lot of pain with arthritis in my back and couldnít move much.


I did the 12-week body transformation to lose some fat and gain some fitness.  When I started I had weakness and degeneration in my knees and couldnít do much weight bearing exercise.