The costs of personal training, group training and online training vary according to the type of training, the location, and whether discounts apply. 

Please Contact Us to talk about fees.

In general, the following fees apply: (plus gym fee if applicable)

  • Personal training $60/hour (buy 10 sessions for $500)*
  • Half hour sessions $30/30mins
  • Casual classes at No Limits Gym $5 (Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9.30am)

Please note that prices are per hour, not per person so feel free to share your session with another!


Fees are subject to change without notice;  please Contact Us.




My Bowen Therapist recommended Tova to me as I had severe sciatica.  I was in a lot of pain with arthritis in my back and couldn’t move much.


I did the 12-week body transformation to lose some fat and gain some fitness.  When I started I had weakness and degeneration in my knees and couldn’t do much weight bearing exercise.