Emergency Services and Defence Fitness

Get fit for your new adventure!

Let us help you prepare for your upcoming fitness test, trek or deployment. We can work towards getting you ready for recruitment into emergency services, defence or volunteer roles, and help you maintain fitness for arduous, physically demanding jobs. An emphasis is put on correct technique for lifts and I specialise in endurance. We can also help prepare you for overnight deployment with advice on hydration, fuelling and clothing systems, not to mention that all important mental battle that accompanies arduous tasks.

As a remote area firefighter and down the wire technician (including flood ops), I am passionate about helping people be fit to respond to any situation! Personal training or group training can be optimised for you and the test and/or task you are targetting. (Photo David King)



No Limits Gym, Richmond, NSW


Emergency services volunteers are offered a discount on Personal Training. Please Contact Us to talk about discounts, or check out our Costs.

More Information

You can speak directly with Principal Trainer, Tova (Contact Us) .

On this website, you can read testimonials and about my approach to group training.




My Bowen Therapist recommended Tova to me as I had severe sciatica.  I was in a lot of pain with arthritis in my back and couldn’t move much.


I did the 12-week body transformation to lose some fat and gain some fitness.  When I started I had weakness and degeneration in my knees and couldn’t do much weight bearing exercise.