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Long distance running recent highlights: Ultra Trail Australia 100km, Narrabeen All Nighter (trail) 75km (age group winner), Western Sydney Marathon 42.2km, Carcoar Cup Marathon 42.2km, Narrabeen All Nighter (trail) 70km, Knapsack Trail 45km,Hounslow Skyrun 23km, 6 Inch Trail 46km, Six Foot Track trail 45km, Jabulani Challenge trail 45km, The North Face 50km, Glow Worm Tunnel 42.2km, M7 Marathon 42.2km, Southern Highlands 50km


Remember your trainer has a Certificate in Nutrition and Diet to help you fuel for your training and obtain your optimal body composition!



Group Fitness- all welcome!

Monday 9.30am- Cardio Boxing!

Tuesday 9.30am- Circuit

Friday 9.30am- Pilates/yoga/stretch

All group fitness sessions only $5 for members and casual visitors at No Limits.



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I provide personal training at No Limits Gym, Richmond, NSW and in Blue Mountains National Park.




Core stability

Running/ Walking

Navigation/ Bush Skills


    I provide group training at No Limits Gym in Richmond NSW and in Blue Mountains National Park

    Mondays 9.30am- toning/boxfit

    Tuesdays 9.30am- circuit

    Fridays 9.30am- Pilates/stretch

    Every class is different!



    I can support your fitness goals through online training.  This is an interactive personal training program in which I

    • help you identify your goals
    • design an exercise program for you, and update it as you improve
    • establish personal nutrition guidelines, and update them as your lifestyle changes
    • support you by phone, email, and/or Internet
    • specific training for trail running
    • specific training for Emergency Services/ Defence fitness tests



      My Bowen Therapist recommended Tova to me as I had severe sciatica.  I was in a lot of pain with arthritis in my back and couldn’t move much.


      I did the 12-week body transformation to lose some fat and gain some fitness.  When I started I had weakness and degeneration in my knees and couldn’t do much weight bearing exercise.